Hi, my name is Gina!
I create clean, modern, functional websites for small businesses.

What I Do

Web Design

Each design starts as a blank canvas, allowing your content to guide the layout.


Mobile-first responsive development ensures that your content is accessible across all devices.

Email Design

A matching newsletter is the perfect way to complement your website & keep in touch.

Content and SEO

Attention grabbing copy is the best way to keep your audience engaged.

What I've Made

Music Festival Website

A working mockup of a website for a music festival. Original design, branding, and layout made with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Pixel Art Maker

A project for Udacity's Front-End Nanodegree program, this single page app allows users to create their own pixel art.

Memory Game

The game is a simple application based on the mechanics and rules of the card game Concentration.

Cat Clicker

A very simple game that tracks clicks made on pictures of cats. Users can choose which cat to click as well as make edits to the cat data.

Work with Me

Allow me to reintroduce myself...

My name is Gina. I'm a web designer and front-end developer enjoying life on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula in Washington state.

After years of creating marketing emails, I decided to take my skills a step further and learn how to make websites. I soon realized that web design and development was the absolute perfect path for me. My art history background helped sharpen my keen visual eye and my time in marketing departments has taught me what keeps users engaged.

I'm passionate about making beautiful websites that tell a story and make users happy. And I'm always looking for a new challenge. Contact me for a quote on your next web project.